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Storyline:  June 1940: Hitler launches tanks and troops across France, Belgium and Holland. Yet Germany is impoverished, has few raw materials, and no oil or currency. How did the Nazis manage to set off the cataclysm of WWII with little money and a weak economy? Based on the work of a new generation of French, British and German historians, our film takes an economic, industrial and financial approach to the Third Reich, exploring the inner workings of the Nazi system through key characters who have been overshadowed by history (Hjalmar Schacht, Dr. Georg Von Schnitzler, Fritz Sauckel, Erich Müller...). Thanks to 3D animation and rare archive footage, this film will reveal how the Nazis were able to weave their violent, racist views into every thread of the German economy, from large-scale industry to small businesses to agriculture, research and nance, creating a model whose main management tools were theft and mass murder, and whose ultimate goal was war and the destruction of Europe.
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