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  1. Vote: 5.3

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  3. Genre: Drama, Thriller

  4. Starring: Amy Irving, Robert Duvall, Andy Garcia
  5. Director: Bruno Barreto
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Storyline:  A Show of Force (1990) Porto Rico, 1978. The Antillian autonomous US Commonwealth is divided by supporters of becoming a full US member state and independence activists, including a violent wing the governor labels as terrorists. Divorced reporter Kate Melendez, widow of independista lawyer Juan, gets in personal danger when she stumbles on a dark set-up. Federal agent Jesus Fuentes officially infiltrated an operation to illegally broadcast a message on Constitution Day in which students Jorge Rey and Alfredo Ruiz are killed. He instigates kidnappings and murders, covered by powerful people. She's scared away, but the senate appoints a special investigator, Luis Angel Mora.

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