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  1. Vote: 2.8

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Comedy

  4. Starring: Isaiah Locust, Tristan Conner, Nelson Arrieta Jr
  5. Director: Daniel B De Sangre, Rickey Teems II
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Storyline:  Youre Hired! (2021) After the "mysterious" death of a colleague, the doldrums of office life at DanRick Designs are given a surprise resuscitation when Miles Fuller and Dylan Kirkpatrick discover they are the lead candidates for a promotion. The timing of the advancement opportunity couldn't be more ideal for the entry-level employees. The Tech Center where Miles' voluntarily teaches inner city teens is low on funds, and Dylan is desperate to purchase the home his deceased father built by hand, before his mother is manipulated by his weasel stepdad to put it on the market. The pay increase from the promotion could resolve their dilemmas, except only one of them can win the job.Peers and family deceive the young men into believing racial disparities always impact office politics, so assertive, yet questionable actions, may be necessary to level the playing field if they really want the job. Is ethical compromise justified for a moral cause? Miles and Dylan will journey down a rabbit hole that not only answers the question, but drops them in the middle of chaos and high jinks so wild, staying alive becomes more vital than the job!With a colorful cast (literally) of quirky characters, You're Hired, explores both internal and external perceptions and struggles of race and identity. This social satire avoids political correctness, opting to poke fun at the ignorance and insecurities that create unnecessary division. Sometimes laughing at stereotypes is simply wiser than allowing them validity, especially in today's America.

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