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  1. Vote: 6.4

  2. Quality: HD

  3. Genre: Drama, War

  4. Starring: Abraham Belaga, Emile Berling, Mike NGuyen, Kool Shen
  5. Director: Erick Zonca
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Storyline:  White Soldier 2014 A muggy Saigon, late 1945 Stationed at a military camp in French Indochina, two young men Robert and Andre become close friends as they share the boredom and excitement of waiting for their first mission But when they discover that instead of freeing Indochina from foreign aggressors, they will be fighting natives struggling for independence, their friendship is jeopardized Andre is shattered, but Robert is unfazed Hell fight any enemy of France, to the death While Robert is assigned to lead a commando operation against the Viet Minh, Andre chooses to join the freedom fighters Theyve chosen their sides, once friends they must now be enemies Their paths diverge until the day they come face to face again At a detention camp for French prisoners, Andre spots a prisoner who looks a lot like Robert 

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