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  3. Genre: Drama

  4. Starring: Isabelle Pasco, Maria Luisa Garcia, Daniele Lebrun
  5. Director: Jean Claude Brisseau
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Storyline:  Celine 1992 At 22, Celine receives several shocks her father dies and she learns she was adopted she rejects her inheritance, so her fiance jilts her Shes suicidal A nurse sees her weeping in public and takes her home Her mother hires the nurse, Genevieve, to care for Celine Genevieve imposes the same work and meditation regime she herself used to recover from similar depression two years before The film plays out the resulting dynamics Celine has mystical success in meditation, and neighbor children discover she has healing powers Yet life remains painful Meanwhile, the friendship is now the center of Genevieves life When Celine leaves, Genevieve must cope anew with loss 

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